5 Reasons to Send a Card

It’s so easy to send messages these days. “Thank you!” or “Love you”, or “Miss you, let’s get together!”. Sometimes we even let our autocomplete do the communication for us! But who sends tangible notes anymore? It’s always special to receive a handwritten note from someone you love. I recently turned my paintings into notecards because who doesn’t love to send their friends pretty things?

When my husband sends me notes his handwriting takes me back to when we were dating. He’s gotten gray hairs here and there but his handwriting is the same as it was 21 years ago. Somehow his handwriting triggers memories we shared together over the years. Like the time he told me a story about a coworker falling on the floor and in his demonstrating, he accidentally fell on the floor himself - hard! I never laughed so hard. I still have some cards he gave me from back then. He still sends me handwritten cards and it means so much.

Sometimes my family sends my daughter cards for holidays or birthdays. Some live 5 minutes away and some are two hours away, but they still send cards. She loves to tear open an envelope and read their love for her.

It’s just as special to be the sender. I was just thinking that I need to send some out myself. There are lots of good reasons to:

  1. Thank a teacher

  2. Send encouragement to someone suffering

  3. Thank your parents for raising you ( Your own kids remind you how hard it is.)

  4. To attach to a gift

  5. To say look at this gorgeous card I found. (Don’t keep the beauty all to yourself!)

I’ll be sharing them at Vintage Market Days THIS weekend at the Florida Parishes Arena in Amite, Louisiana. I really hope to see some familiar faces so if you come, please come say “hello!”

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