Beach Baby

Do you like the beach? I do but I haven't been in a while. There’s something about being there that washes away the cares of life, at least temporarily. Boy that makes me miss it more. 


I just completed a commission for someone who goes to the beach as much as seagulls do.  She’s a single mom but doesn’t hesitate to pack her 2 girls in the car and head out there on a whim. From where she lives, a good clean beach is at least 4 hours away. That’s quite a drive especially if you’re just going for the weekend. Yet she does it frequently throughout the year. Why? It’s her getaway, her sanctuary.

Little Girl Beach Painting


Since she spends so much time at the beach it only makes sense that she would want to surround herself at home with things that remind her of her happy place. Wouldn’t you? Isn’t that what decorating your space is for? Yep it’s for making you feel at home.

She has some beautiful photography of her children hanging on the wall but she also has some art interspersed throughout her home as well. Her photographs and paintings compliment each other and bring the room to harmony. Her space tells a story, her story.


The painting I created for her is of her youngest daughter playing in the sand. I used a photo reference from a few years back. In the photo she’s playing with a plastic beach toy used to build sand castles. The blue green water in the background compliments the sunny sky and gives the painting a big splash of color sure to brighten any wall. 


The painting is not an exact copy of the photo. If she wanted that I’d advise her to just go print the photo and hang that instead. There’s something about a handcrafted piece touched by human hands that makes it special.


It wasn’t my intention to make the little girl look exactly like the actual child in the photo.  Sure she looks a lot like her but it’s not the point. Using expressive lines and marks with a brush bring more energy to what was just a photo. I took some liberty with the arrangement and story taking place by added a seagull because you know they’re always there ready to steal your lunch. And of course there’s never just one. In spite of their greedy thievery its always good fun to feed them.


If you don’t already, consider following me on Facebook.  There I post time lapse videos of most of my paintings.  I share the time lapse with the family so they can see exactly how their painting was created from start to finish.  The time lapse of this particular painting can be found HERE. 


If you decide you’d like a custom painting done I’d be happy to talk with you about it.  For further details about how my commissions work, visit HERE for some FAQ’s. 


Until next time.

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