Confession Time and Gratitude Challenge

Confession time:
Today is my last day off before I start teaching again.  Tomorrow I go back to dedicating my time to helping students become better artists. 

20 years ago this month I stood at the front of an art classroom as a teacher for the first time. I was student teaching and couldn't wait to do this job for the rest of my career. It's been an amazing 19 and a half years and God's gracious hand has worked on my behalf countless times.  I've got this lump in my throat though.

I have gained so much momentum this summer with my personal practice and it's gonna sting a little bit to divide my efforts between taking care of students, paperwork and juggling being a wife and parent. If you're sitting back reading this and thinking that I'm spoiled rotten and these are 1st world problems, you are right! 

Because I belong to Christ, I am committing my heart to thankfulness and joy in the goodness that God has shown me. Are you in a similar boat?  Want to commit with me to doing your best with a heart of gratitude for all the ways you are blessed? I'd love to know if you're with me in this. Hit reply and let me know!

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