Daily Habits

Do you have a daily habit? Something you look forward to? Some people cross stitch or play guitar or read books. I paint.


I'm an art teacher for 10 months out of the year. In June and July I get a break. The transition from working all day to sleeping late and doing what I want to do is always rocky for me. My routines are all messed up within a week of school ending. I love summer vacation, but it takes a mental toll on me. I lose all self-discipline to get up at a decent time. This is where my daily habit comes in.


It's crazy that during the school year I manage to go to work all day, cook, go to meetings later on and sometimes paint in the evenings. During the summer if I have to get groceries that's enough activity for the whole day. It's like when you have too much time on your hands you really have none.  If you have a non-educational job, you probably want to scream at me right now.  I know I'm blessed to have such a long break. I'm just saying I don't always make the most of the time I have. During the school year I always make a list of the things I want to do during the summer.  When summer comes that list is suddenly way too long. I start thinking, "If I had done small tasks along the way, the list wouldn't be so long."  


Well here I am again at the beginning of a long list of summer habits that seems impossible to complete.

Here's what I plan to tackle first:

  1. Spend more time in prayer and bible reading. 
  2. Paint Daily! I've gotten more disciplined over this year about this habit. It's been easier than it has in the past and I see improvement in my work which is encouraging. I think I can manage this one unless we’re on vacation.
  3. Keep my home cleaner. It's tough with a family!
  4. Write on this blog more.  I enjoy painting 1000 times more than writing.
  5. Read more books. Gotta keep that brain sharp.

Do you have any habits you want to improve? Which ones and why?

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