Families Are Worth Cherishing

This girl I work with has been asking me to paint her children.   I've been hesitant because I'm not as comfortable painting people as I am with other subjects.  Human proportions are difficult to master. In fact, if you don't practice it often, your skills quickly deteriorate.  To add to the difficulty, I had to use 2 different images because not all the kids were in one photo.  I wanted to give it a try in spite of the challenge...maybe because of it. 

It's obvious that she adores her husband and children. They've gone through a lot lately building a new house.  That's always tough but it's even harder with 4 young ones.  She wanted to capture a memory at the beginning stages of the build that will last a lifetime.  The painting was a gift to her husband for their anniversary.  How personal!  Even when the kids are out the house and married this single moment will stick around.  Even though this is a personal picture that's unique to their family, it's amazing how relatable it is. My sister-in-law wanted to buy this painting because it brought her back to when her kids were young! I remember when my family built a house.  I spent time anticipating a new home, a new room, a new yard to play in.  It's kind of like anticipating Christmas.   

Do you have any good memories that are etched in your brain forever?  A painting is a beautiful way to preserve it, but if you're not in the position to afford a painting, consider printing out a picture.  We all have thousands on our phones, and those pictures are so genuine!  

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