Lessons I Learned at Market

Last weekend my family and I participated in Vintage Market Days. It was 3 days of hard work, but we learned so much! I thought I’d write a post about it to capture some of those lessons.

1. I loved working with my family! Both my husband and daughter worked the booth with me and it really was a pleasure to spend so much time with them. My daughter was actually more patient and cooperative than I expected her to be, and that was a huge blessing. We’d like to do this together long term, so it was a good foretaste of the work and fun that’s to come. 

2. Adaptability. So many things happened that required on-the-fly adjustment. You never can depend on things working exactly as you expect them to. From uneven ground beneath our tent, to equipment failures, we continuously had to improvise and problem solve. 

3. People are great. It was so fun to meet all the people who stopped by. We heard so many interesting stories and I got some wonderful feedback on my art. I remember the lady from Wisconsin who said we made her day by being there. She and lots of others said my art took them back to their childhoods. One kind lady told me she didn’t realize cows could be pretty (of course they are!). One lady said she couldn’t get over the emotion she saw in the animals’ faces. It was humbling and rewarding.

4. The connections. I got to meet a super talented artist there named Jan Dicks. She was so encouraging, and we got to talk about our art businesses a lot.  Just google her name. You’ll find some beautiful artwork.

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