My Happy Place

I recently found some cows nearby to use as references for new paintings. I hiked out there with my camera last weekend to take some portraits.

When I got into the pasture it didn’t take long before the cows noticed me. They were immediately curious. First one came close, then a few more, and before long the whole herd of 20 or so cows gathered around me. I suppose they were wondering if I brought them something to eat. I sat on the ground and let them come and go as they liked. They seemed skittish, but even more curious, so they hung around for a while. They are such gentle, sweet creatures - better company than some humans I know! I stayed with them for about an hour and I loved every minute.  

It’s obvious they belong together as a group. Each one seemed to watch out for the others. I stayed on the ground as the bravest one walked slowly around me. He seemed to think he was being stealthy and that I didn’t see what he was doing. A few times they got spooked and would all run away, but they always came back. Going through my photos afterward put a smile on my face. Sort of like the cow pictured above seems to be doing! They just put me in a happy mood.

I chose another picture to create my newest painting from. You can see a time-lapse of the process here. I finished this one just in time for it to be in our first show this year, Vintage Market Days in Amite (March 8-10)! If you’d like to see the original painting and many others, I’d love for you to visit us there!

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