One of the reasons my family and I want to work toward a simpler life is for self-sufficiency. I think there is something noble about partnering with nature in order to build a sustainable life. It’s a hands-on interaction with God’s design, and humans have done it for a long time! 

So many modern conveniences are relatively recent developments, and I don’t think we’re necessarily better off being so dependent on a fragile infrastructure.  Grocery stores keep about three days’ worth of stock, and if the trucks stop running, we’ll be in trouble in a hurry. I’m not advocating a paranoid prepper mentality, but it’s wise to be aware of potential risks and mitigate them as much as possible.

Recent recalls of romaine lettuce, spinach, ground turkey, and breakfast sausage due to E-coli are enough to make you stop and think about how far removed we are from our food sources. There’s no way to know what’s happening on the farms and dairies that produce our food. I’d feel much better growing most of my own food. It’s more nutritious, more relaxing, and less expensive!  

I find it helpful to differentiate self-sufficiency from self-dependence. Even if we were totally self-sufficient, we would still ultimately depend on God for provision. The bible teaches that it’s God who “supplies seed to the sower” (Isaiah 55:10, & 2 Corinthians 9:10 for example). Without His provision, we wouldn’t have the means to provide for ourselves. 

There’s a good book I read called “Prosper” about building a resilient life. The authors make great points about different types of “capital” (financial, social, spiritual, relational, etc), and make a great case for a non-loony approach to being ready for hard times, should they come. I’ll link it below in case you’re interested. Even aside from the resilience benefits of living a self-sufficient life, I think it would just be an incredible way to live. An escape from the stress of the rat race, and a way to spend more time with the people who matter most to me. So those of you that are already living that lifestyle, you should know: I’m a little jealous and I can’t wait to join you!

Here's a link to the book in case you're interested. 


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