I thought I’d write my first post about why I’m finally starting this business, and going in the direction I’ve chosen. Why have I gone from abstract encaustic pieces to painting animals and plants? I was raised in central Louisiana, by farmers (that’s me in the wagon pictured above). Some of my earliest memories are hiding in corn fields, climbing tall stacks of hay bales, and chasing chickens. My husband is the grandson of a bona fide sharecropper! His youth was spent riding on his granddad’s tractor, climbing in the barn with his cousins, picking strawberries, digging potatoes, and snapping beans. On the contrary, our daughter has seen more screen time than sunshine. She’s been raised in today’s instant gratification, digital culture, and we regret not doing more to curb its influence on her.

My husband and I long for a return to simpler times, healthier food, and a life of sustainable self-sufficiency. We’re sick of the Standard American Diet and the negative impact it’s had on our health. We’re tired of staying so busy, spending so much energy and stress on things that don’t ultimately matter to us. We want so much more for our daughter.

So we’re looking for a way back to the simple life we grew up with, and a real home for our family. We’re working toward a refuge from a life spent carelessly drifting along the path of least resistance. I hope my art can provide part of that way back.

Can anyone relate? I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know!

Talk to you soon,

~ Kim

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