Kim Pierson

Hi, I’m Kim! Without art a home is just a place to sleep.

I create art to

  • help you wake up the walls of your home
  • remind you to cherish what’s important
  • awaken you to the beauty that’s everywhere
  • encourage you to smell the flowers
  • urge you to care for creation in a meaningful way.

I’m especially drawn to painting animals. I want to bring personality and dignity into the creatures we love and cherish whether it be our children playing or our pets who are always beside us. I love trying to capture the essence and personality of a living creature on canvas. I’m a strong advocate for the fair & ethical treatment of God’s creation. I hope that my art inspires an appreciation and love for the natural world and resources God has given us.  My art is part of my attempt to opt out of our ever busier culture with its ever increasing screen time. I want to slow down and spend energy and time on what matters most: my family, my faith, and getting the most out of the few years we have living in this amazing world.

I have a degree in Art Education and have been a professional teacher and artist for the last 20 years. My first love was abstract art, but over time, I’ve come back to classical methods. I think I can express more of what’s important to me with objective pieces.